Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Photos November 2010

Edinburgh is the biggest book festival in the world and I am very proud of my Edinburgh International Book festival photos। There are such diverse, colourful and memorable figures from the worlds of Irish poetry, political thought, children's authors, dramatic thrillers, autobiographies and more। This is the first serious portraits shots I've taken - while of course I think of my music photography as portraiture। The latter being often in challenging lighting conditions. This gallery also contains text. A huge thanks to the festival for all its hospitality and kindness. Famous Names at the book festival this year - Frederick Forsyth, Peter Mandelson, Seamus Heaney, Vidal Sasson, Melvyn Bragg, Martin Bell, and many more international names. Posted on my site. http://pkimage।

Folk Nights. I also took photos at some fun Edinburgh folk nights the Royal Oak and at my old haunt Sandy Bells. Also the Coral at HMV Picture house. I had a bonny time being inspired at Edinburgh festival 2010 - ah love it - where character, poetry, art and music flourish for a few sunny weeks. Actually it was freezing in the press pod!  At the Unbound Londoner Billy Franks did an entertaining gig with Scottish writer Christopher Brookmyre!

The Oran Mor। I went down to my nearest venue in October with its an imposing converted church that sits astride the Westend intersection of the areas two main roads. I was excited to see Holywood legend Tim Robbins and new duo Hurts there and both were awesome gigs in very different ways। You can read my gig reviews -

My Musicfootnotes BLOG - My live gig Review site has interest from Japan! and I read that they are very keen on Scottish Indie music there. Also interest from Russia - and as much traffic from the US as the UK - all scary in a nice way. Its not enormous traffic but enough to make me think...

You can see my Book festival images and others on my site - including Irish poet Seamus Heaney. I hope music and words continue to inspire. Read more: