Monday, 14 June 2010

Hi guys - June 2010

I took photos at Snowpatrol Bellahouston park Glasgow on Saturday - it was very exciting and they were amazing. I recommend checking their 'Eyes Open' album and their newer album. Some great songs in there - Gary Lightbody is an outstanding talent. He dive bombed into the crowd at one point - great photo op! - and he had us photographers running all over the place. That's the biggest event I have taken at. Quite awesome. It was a prefect sunny day too. I'd forgotten that I had applied for the gig, and was shocked to see the email there for me at noon Saturday - and went into a panic to get ready!! oh dear..
Are many of you on Facebook now? It does seem much better for family and friends- and more private then Myspace. Myspace is mostly for artists promotions it seems - so it is interesting for that reason though. Some of my family and friends are now on Facebook - yes us oldies too! and it is good for sharing family pics and news etc. So please add me on facebook if you are on there.