Friday, 23 April 2010

My Photo work April 22nd 2010

Photos August 2007.  For Edinburgh festival 2007 and the Jazz Bar gigs I got a new lens.  I have been shooting live gigs over 2006. The photos I got there are very special to me.  After I realised that I was getting pretty good shots I applied to take some music festivals and I continue to receive good feedback. In 2008 I took at Celtic Connections and the buzz of doing this festival was so good. I felt like it was my journey of my own choosing - well it felt like I belonged and I work very hard on it all. There is loads to learn and getting those special shots doesn't come so easy at times!

Sometimes there simply are special gigs. I have had  commissions, photos used for promotions, CD artwork and photos picked up by festivals. 
I do my music and portrait photography in the hope that people get pleasure from my photos. I have studied great photo work in top magazines such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Life since I can remember and I enjoy great photography.
It's certainly been an incredible journey for me the past few years. 
Its not only about photography though, because I adore writing music reviews also. Plus other things I am writing and also poetry. Poetry is actually the central thing for me - it informs music and motivates. The business side to photography and learning all about the music business, takes up a lot of  time.

Also I have started a small Review blog called 'Musicfootnotes'. If you are interested in a Photoshoot, please get in touch. I am eager and willing for new artistic challenges.  There simply is not enough time really - too many plans...I'd like to return to ink drawings and water colours. I miss it.