Tuesday, 23 March 2010

*My Photo work - March 2010

I have been busy 2010 with the Celtic Festival and the concert for Erne Parkin in Milngavie.

*'Celtic Connections' galleries and reviews January 2010. I've been adding many new galleries and my Celtic photos, which is the biggest event I do. My Celtic Reviews here - www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/

I heard several exciting new artists this year - Fyfe Dangerfield (who is a very talented song writer) The Low Anthem (made me think of hippies, very low key) Bellevue Rendezvous (stately and serene) Hobopop Collective (soothing Americana jazz) Laura Veirs (songstress who draws from nature) and 'The Future Tradition'. I enjoy the buzz of festivals. It feels a genuine, organic festival also and not about the hype or gimmicks. I notice my photos change each year for some reason. I am not sure if it is me improving or the festival changing? I wasn't sure if the colour was about the music on stage or the more vibrant stage lighting - maybe it was both. I had a hectic, fun, couple of weeks of music from such a wide variety of places, cultures and influences.  A thanks to all involved, especially the many talented artists and their music.

*Concert for Erne Parkin' gallery - I took photos at Erne's concert on 23rd January 2010. He was the chairperson for Mugdock music festival who died last July, and he will be sadly missed by the community here. My son plays with Erne's son in a rock band called the Viking Galaxy, and they played at the concert. There were in a band when they were 14, and this if their first gig back together for several years. It was fun to see how much they have come on. I even have photos of the band from way back, from this same hall and very same backdrop. Fun!! - this band are seriously going places so keep an eye out for them.

*My Photo work - Some good things recently. I've had photos in the local paper and I submit to two Glasgow websites. Some interesting things happening. This year I am being more selective, while I am also much faster processing, sorting and better at getting those right shots.