Wednesday, 16 December 2009

PHOTOS 2009 *My Photographic Art and Music Photography -

2009 has been an interesting, busy and wonderful year for my photos and I'd never have dreamed so many possibilities - while its been hard going often too. I've had positive feedback from managers, artists and promoters and that's been very encouraging. I hope do to more Art photography and to shoot weddings next year.

I love it. I have become friends with many wonderful artists this year and appreciate  their kind words. It's meant a lot. It gives me pleasure to know that people enjoy my work.

I took pics of Elton, Fleetwood Mac and the Nutcracker Ballet, all of which are dreams for me! Not without hitches though - arriving for Elton to find no Photo pass, nearly forgetting the ballet, being late when I needed to be early. I am sure these young twenty years old photographers have no idea what it means to have dreams as long as I have. The Elton gig was magic and wonderful how much he loves performing them. To be that close and see his passion for it all and he's been touring for years! He thrives on it. I love his upbeat and slower songs. I have also put in a ton of hard graft the past years to build my music portfolio and to make contacts.

Yet I enjoy best those small venue gigs - the Jazz Bar, Oran Mor, the live album shoot Manchester - have been awesome in different ways, intimate and engrossing.  A Big thanks to all the artiss I have had the pleasure of taking photos for.

Jazz Bar Edinburgh - On Nov 28th I took shots for an amazing Jazz band, The Magic Hat, at the Jazz Bar and the Bar Brel Glasgow also. ..