Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Photos Nov 2009

I have been taking the smaller and mid size venues for quite a while now. I am still keen to do them. I've been taking music photos mostly in Glasgow and some in London. I've also taken several festivals - 2010 will be my third time at Celtic Connections. It's been incredible for me to shoot artists like Elton John and Fleetwood Mac this year. I guess dreams sometimes come true?? I've had managers, promoters and artists come back to me as they like my work. The live album shoot Manchester was so much fun - thanks Mat and Kirsty. Hope this will lead to good contacts.

Protecting my Business – copyright laws
In recent months several of my images are being used in print promotions without asking my permission. I am flattered people like my work enough to put on the front of a brochure or flyer – but can I live on praise alone. Images are central to promotions, and yet some appear to expect the use of photos for nothing. They wouldn’t dream of offering a plumber or a venue a link for a days work! Aspiring photographers fall into this trap. It is piracy - much as free music downloads are. There is masses of Copyright laws (see Wikepedia). The author of a photo should be asked for permission before reproducing the image in print. It is stealing – much as stealing a loaf of bread or pint of milk at Tesco’s… We all know that farmers expect to be paid and need to earn a living. Makes me realize how musicians must feel about all the ‘free’ downloading of their music.
Problems arise as aspiring photographers and musicians offer their work for free and the FREE internet access. There comes a point when you think – I’m not just starting out anymore. I have worked hard on my photography – studying, processing, working, shooting, purchasing good equipment. I hope I now offer a professional service that is not offered by everyone with a small digital. A big thanks to all who do value my skills, and don’t expect that I offer hi-res as ‘gifts.’ My good photographer friend who has worked 25 years in the business is upset over this issue, as it undermines and devalues professional photographers work. It was very nice being treated with respect for my work last week end at the album shoot. Thanks guys.

PS Just listening to a folk radio station – perfect.
Pss and Cara Dillon- hear her on the radio last year, perfect voice.