Sunday, 6 September 2009


I have many plans. I’ve been busy with EDINBURGH FESTIVAL 2009 - which was manic as usual! MUGOCK Music Festival, The Gathering Homecoming event Edinburgh, Dance - Venezuela Viva!

EIF Absolutely love it an my theme this year was ‘colours'.  I particularly enjoyed The Edinburgh Book festival and searching out poetry books, it is a haven of peace after the high street. Many famous authors give talks here, such as respected Scottish authors Iain Banks, Ian Rankin and more. I managed a very fun Broken Records gig at the  Queens Hall Edinburgh as part of the Edge festival - cool venue and lighting. I expect this band to make it big and they looked and sounded very good. They released their first album with 4AD June 2009, ‘Until the Earth Begins to Part’ and their cello, violin and trumpet gave their sound a Scottish feel.

I took mainly dance images at this year’s festival and interesting from a music and visual angle. Many shows come from all around the World – India, Malawi, Korea, France, Brazil, Venezuela… and more. Celebrating their own country’s culture. My next dream to shoot is the ballet. I am also in the middle of an exhibition at a local arts festival.
Please check out my new galleries – I am very excited about many of my new images. Some hot guys and babes!