Monday, 7 February 2011

PHOTOS February 2011

In February I 'was' planning to focus on catching up with myself here, but things have got very hectic so far!  I've been needing a break badly too - which I am taking this week with my lovely daughter to see the 'Northern Lights'. Sometimes we need to step back - re-focus our energies and it's important to do so.  I've been very busy the past month with Celtic - and I spend a lot of my time writing too.

*PHOTOSHOOTS. My plan is to do more photoshoots - so please get in touch if interested. While I will still do occasional live gig shoots.  I'm expecting when these young artists I have shots of are famous I will suddenly be rich? Well one never knows....
*VIKING GALAXY. My son's new band have been in the recording studio - which was great fun and thanks guys! I got some fun B & W shots just posted.  The recordings sound awesome!   They play Classic Grande Glasgow 12th Feb. 
*CELTIC Festival Glasgow  -   While I enjoy many genres, I believe folk or roots music ( or Celtic!) has an important role in keeping our cultural history alive and well. I used to go to Sandy Bells Edinburgh (where I grew up) - about the time Hamish Henderson may have been there. I saw Dick Gaughan in the 70s and travelled to many folk festivals. Celtic explores both our cultures and our diversities and what pulls us together -  our shared humanity and love of the arts, especially music of course!  

NEW ARTISTS.  I have images used as promotions on venue websites, artists websites, flyers and albums.  I  appreciate that people enjoy my work. I have studied music all my life, as have my children, and I believe I have  insights into what makes art, words and music work. I often have original ideas which I find others imitating, and it is flattering while also I wonder why I earn nothing for these ideas. I am not a 'snapper' - I write songs and poems myself and I consider my photography art. I've had wonderful encouraging feedback from many artists, including - Kirsty McGee, Mat Martin, Jim Byrne, Inge Thompson, Pearl (aka Katie Sutherland), Broken Records, Alistair Oglivie, The Magic Hat, who have used my images for promotional material.  
I am very excited about my son's new band ( as is he) and believe they have a great future.  As have the other artists I follow. Photography is a multi-faceted skill that involves contacts, reading, studying techniques, sorting, studying art, studying business, writing. MORE!   

I hope you enjoy my Celtic Connections slideshow on my website -
'Musicfootnotes' Reviews  - where I also have several Celtic Gig Reviews -
Glasgow Westend website -
Many thanks to both Pat and Jim Byre for all their encouragement - check out Jim Byrne's new CD.  

Pauline Keightley Photography / PKIMAGE Scotland - Photographic Artist.  I am a writer, musician and artist. I submit work to major websites and festivals, press, artists promotions, album art work, theatre and events.  My Reviews  - MUSICFOOTNOTES. Photos & My work has included the Edinburgh Festival, Scottish Ballet, Celtic Connections, Manchester Jazz Festival (MJF) and many concerts such as Elton John, Fleetwood Mac and Snow Patrol. In particular I try to mix the old with the new and capture moods such as quiet moments of inner reflection. One of my main interests is taking images of new artists - several of those I've photographed are now signed to major labels.

ABOUT ME : I am an artist, writer and musician. I've been seriously pursuing photography for 5 years now. Commissions; a live album shoot in Manchester, a London manager for a signed artist requesting a Photoshoot, theatre shows and major festivals. In 2004 I had taken images with a small digital camera at a live gig at the Metro London and I realised then that the art of photography was about having a 'good eye.'  I received good feedback for my photos and worked on developing my craft and skills.  I took images of several up-and-coming artists in Scotland who are now signed to Major Labels - Emeli Sande, Pearl, Admiral Fallow, Dave Gibson, Broken Records.  I grew up in Edinburgh and I lived in the US for ten years. I worked as a primary teacher and I am a mother of three grown-up children - one who is in a rock band in Glasgow called Viking Galaxy.
I hope to pursue more portrait work, while still covering live gigs, events and festivals. I want to thank all those who taught me the joy of music - my first piano teacher, my father, my folk guitarist boyfriend back in my twenties, the Beatles, Joni, Mozart, and my children and all the many artists who have inspired my photography. Also to all who have encouraged my photography with their kind feedback.