Wednesday, 19 February 2014

PHOTOS February 2014

I' am busy trying to concentrate on writing, after a very hectic few weeks of photos and reviews and also a very fun time at Celtic Connections 2014, which was magic and a ton of work too!   All the amazing concerts and the people I met.  If you come over to Transatlantic Sessions it really is worth it!   

My music blog now gets over 5K hits worldwide per month, more elsewhere than the UK oddly. -
I still love photography but feel I need to focus. For the past months while I am still writing and I am trying to edit and organise my book into appropriate chapters and all - this is crucial but also a ton of work! oh dear. Its so easy to get distracted too! I also write Life blogs, all kind of things - there is not enough time I guess?  http://musicfootnoteslifeblogs
After the quality, diversity, breadth and quality of Celtic Connections 2014 I am more than ever excited for Scottish music. 

This year I heard some wonderful new musicians at Celtic - Lau, RM Hubbert, Mogwai, ImeldaMay, Nicola B, Del Amitri and from Greece Alkinoos Ioannidis. I also enjoyed artists I'd heard before - Dougie MacLean, Julie Fowlis, Jerry Douglas, Karine Polwart, Kris Drever, Capercaillie. 

It is good to see and hear the confidence, creativity, pride and range in Scottish music these days - and I can remember when it was all tartan shortbread caricatures and Jimmy Shand and his band or Andy Stewart's 'Donald where's yur troosers.'  Its a huge boost for Glasgow to host this international event each year.  Folk music is driven by a desire to progress the musical traditions thorough musical abilities, playing live, ethnic traditions, vocal harmonies, unaccompanied singing, story telling songs and words with a message, real instruments (??) and by diverse collaborations. There is much encouragement given over the festival to new musicians – with the Late Sessions, Open mic and also Showcase Scotland with music people worldwide attending these concerts. 

After the warmth of all these concerts I try to get back to normal this cold time of year. I enjoy the writing too and it is all a hectic buzz too!  Most of photography is about the post processing, uploading, contacts, online, media, text and info...  

Rob Noakes -  with  Where Dead Voices Gather' - still relevant and even better than his younger days.