Sunday, 8 December 2013

Photos December 2013

'The nature of photography as it captures that simple brief moment… allows no ending. Photography implies perpetuity... as if something of life itself steps over the normal limits of time.'   

I have been busy with the business side of photograph in 2013. For anyone who thinks photography is all about shooting, it is not. There are contacts to be made, hours spent on editing, online work on websites and networking, text and keywords to sort, promotions, emailing, googling and more. I am busy and continue to enjoy the expression of photography.  

I have spent some time updating my photography website recently, nearly done!
My images have been used in print media worldwide and online by major publications and media that include – Daily Mail, Financial Times, The List, The Sun, BBC, News Group Newspapers Limited. Also for album artwork,  authors promotions and more. I distribute for editorial purposes. Supplied images to artists promotions such as Emeli Sande (my photos were used for her promotions back in 2008 and 2009 before she was famous). 
Pauline Keightley Photography

This year I have sent prints as gifts to a few special artists and it is wonderful to be able to do this as a thanks for their wonderful live concerts - the indomitable Michael Marra ( who sadly died a year ago) and to the outstanding new Scottish artist Emeli Sande.

Books. I’ve read several inspired books. Edinburgh Book Festival 2013 – as usual was hectic, informed, varied, challenging and fun. Celtic Connections 2013 again showed off it’s colourful musical collaborations.
It is transforming when words, music and art can make a difference.

My Life BLOGs -
I continue a few pieces for my Life Blogs - Youth Violence, Kate and Morning sickness, Social Mobility, Independence, The NHS. I write when events move me - sometimes poems, sometimes blogs. And sometimes words can make a difference and that's wonderful.

Youth Cafe's. Twenty years ago I wrote around 1994 about the Youth cafe's I came across in Finland when I was 17 as  an inviting place for teenagers to meet and hang out. It is good to see these now locally. What spurred me to write was someone writing in the local paper that there was plenty of places for both families and young people!  I thought - where!?
Youth violence. I wrote about youth violence in Scotland in 2004 after a neighbour’s son was tragically killed. He was a 22 year old rugby player and he was waiting outside a club on Sauchiehall street on the night of an Old Firm game when two youths, one carrying a baseball bat, hit him and he fell on his head. Apparently these youths were running about and had hit several people that night, according to those in A & E.  I heard much later these youths only received a few years in jail.  Lesson is - don't go into town on the night of an Old Firm game!  Hooligans love an excuse to vent their angers.      

I have written about pregnancy and I have much to write on being a parent and education (more to follow!). I am a mother of three grown up children and I taught in primary schools. I wrote mostly in private to papers in the past but now I have a voice on my blog... http://musicfootnoteslifeblogs.yes-to-future.html

Music 2013. Some exiting new artists in 2013 – Haim, Chrvrches, Kurt Vile, Lorde.
The two top artists I saw live this year were iconic Neil young and rocking rocker the wonderful Peter Gabriel. I am inspired by both! Glasgow saw the opening of a world class concert arena near the Clyde river and the old SECC – The shining blue Hydro.
Music Photography. I find the increased restrictions of music p these days frustrating. I do music p because I have a passion for music.These restrictions mean restrictions on what can be achieved with photography at concerts. I get my best shots when I can move about, relax and really get into the music and the gig - great photography is not simply about pressing the shutter!?  I continue to love it though!     

Peter Gabriel Hydro Oct 2013 - ALSO a good dancer! - I hand it to Gabriel - he mentioned all his crew and even introduced the support artists (his two Swedish backing singers) . No 'Big Star' airs and graces about him at all. He talked of how 'Photos' never lie and how mobile phones will help to stop tyranny and oppression worldwide.

Pauline Keightley Photography
Music and Portrait Photography
Emeli Sande, Celtic Connections, Edinburgh Festival,