Wednesday, 14 December 2011

PHOTOS Dec 2011

PHOTOS.  I have the possibility of shooting Photos for 2 weddings next year (not my son's!)  Exciting times. It's wonderful to have some good news. Rab Noakes has requested Photos and posted on my FB - all ultra cool for me. Noakes played with Gerry Rafferty in Stealers Wheel and well worth checking out his songs. I'm waiting on the release of the new canon lens and camera, held up by the Japanese earthquake. 

Musicfootnotes Blog - This has been a big focus the past year, and it combines my writing and photography.
(Also Songbook, Poetrynotes Blog). Developing from this work I’ve been writing other pieces for my possible book (not posted online) which now has several chapters, getting there....? and it seems to be writing itself. Now I'm needing to do a massive tidy-up in Lightroom and sort my online emailings. (and my house!)

GIGS 2011. I’ve been very fortunate to see two music legends live this year who are my biggest inspirations – Paul Simon and Bob Dylan!  Both gigs were awesome. There is good interest in Bob Dylan oddly! and this blog has had more hits than any other so far!   I've also seen exciting new artists this year - Emeli Sande, James Blake, girl band Warpaint and Canadians The Low Anthem. The Book festival this year was incredibly interesting and reading about all the authors there (Photos on my website

MY MUSIC BLOG -  PKImage Musicfootnotes  -
FINDING THE ARTIST IN US*  My journey as an artist through my musicnotes, poetrynotes, songbooks and photographic art.  My work includes both new and established artists.  The noughties have been an incredible artistic journey. For the wonderful artists I've been inspired by- Dylan for his words and was himself inspired by Burns; Dalai Lama for his wisdoms; Mario Testino and Eve Arnold for their photographic art..I discovered Tom Waits, Arcade Fire, Dylan, Radiohead, more. Motivation is all - to have honesty, integrity about who we are and what we have to offer. To be motivated for the right reasons. 
PKIMAGE PORTRAIT & MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHY Pauline Keightley / Glasgow - Photographic Artist. I submit work to major websites and festivals, press, artists promotions, album art work, theatre and events.  I am an artist, writer and musician. My work has included the Edinburgh Festival, Scottish Ballet, Celtic Connections, Manchester Jazz Festival (MJF) and many concerts such as Elton John, Fleetwood Mac and Snow Patrol. In particular I try to mix the old with the new and capture moods such as quiet moments of inner reflection. One of my main interests is taking images of new artists - several of those I've photographed are now signed to major labels.
"Pauline's photos have proved invaluable to the project I hired her for - they are dynamic and very much in line with the brief we gave her. Her work was efficient, and she was very professional as well as very personable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any musician wanting excellent quality and highly useable live shots." Musician Mat Martin.