Tuesday, 9 August 2011

PHOTOs August 2011

Right now I am planning and looking forward immensely to the fun and manic ness that is Edinburgh Festival in August! Love it! From the packed exchange of outlandish performers that vie for your attention on the high street, to the quiet shady trees of the Book festival and the comedy shows, the dance and music. Its' amazing how it rolls round again so soon. One of the best thing is not that performers come from all walks of life and from all countries, but the exchange that develops with all the arts falling into the same artistic melting pot in Edinburgh over those few weeks. I grew up in Edinburgh with it's cobbled streets and castle that sits high above us all and it seems to inspire those stories we all seek.
I've made some wonderful goals the past years that I would never have dared dream if it wasn't for the artists that have inspired me. I'm shooting again at Edinburgh Book festival 2011. It was incredible last year taking portraits of such famous authors - and learning from the seasoned pros. Such a thrill when guys like Seamus Heaney or Frederick Forsyth walk round to the press pod! I take photos for Milngavie Folk Club - it's a small thing but great artists. I'm much more selective and only cover events I'll get good reviews for. I do it for the art. Painters need words to inspire, writers need images and musicians need both.