Monday, 18 May 2009


I am a Glasgow Music and Event Photographer. Also recently I’ve been enjoying taking nature shots as the light has been soft and clear and the blossom those light pinks. After receiving encouragement for my work I set up seriously as a photographer last year in 2008.

NEW Photo site
I have been working on a new photo site for a while, for months and months actually! Mind you I’ve been working on art since I was seven and on photography since I got my first camera – although only seriously with music photography the past year. I took art higher, taught in schools, lived in the USA (Chicago and Cincinnati and travelled quite a lot) for 10 years and brought up my family. I started taking shots of my son’s band and found I enjoyed being able to combine my love of live gigs with my love of art.
I do my photography for the art of it – there’s something magical at live gigs that I try to capture in my images. It reminds me of all the sketching with pencils ( I loved those soft-edged pencils) and charcoal I did in my teens of dancers, models, portraits – except now I sketch with my camera. It takes just as long to get that one perfect capture with a camera as it does with my pencil (you’d think it would be easier), in fact I’ve often thought sketching at a gig would be easier. I’ll need to give this a go sometime!
I wasn’t sure about the zenfolio site. My music images are mostly quite dark- so recently I changed the background to white put the text at the top and I feel much happier about it. Still not entirely sure (??!) Then again an artist is never entirely sure about their work because it can always be better – otherwise what’s the point?

My first festival shoot was Kilsyth 2007 – it was great fun and the organiser was very positive with my photos. I have also taken images for local festivals at Mugdock Music Festival at Mugdock country park (great setting).

I am originally from Edinburgh and enjoy its huge festival each year and have several photos of Edinburgh festival I’m very proud of. The biggest festival I’ve covered is the Celtic Connections 2008 and 2009 - and it takes place in over 13 venues around Glasgow for over 2 and a half weeks with many overseas visitors and artists. I love the buzz of festivals.

*Live gigs
Last year some of my gig photos for the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, and of Emeli Sande attracted attention. Emeli's manager and promoter were in touch over using my Oran Mor images of Emeli's for her promotions for gigs and in the press.  

I attend a wide variety of live gigs and I enjoy music from many genres – indie bands, folk, folk-rock, pop, classical more.. In recent years I’ve been to T in the Park, Celtic Connections, Glasgow venues and festivals, London venues and moremake a note to write blog on venues. I enjoy established artists and younger ones also.

Published work – Several artists have used my images on flyers, brochures, websites and in press.

SPF – Scottish Photographers Federation. I joined a local Camera club last year and it’s interesting to meet other serious photographers. To my surprised my images scored well with other photographers and some were submitted to the annual SPF exhibition.

*Photobox Prints - I offer prints and digital photos directly through my website.

* Photo Promotions - I also offer the hi-res images for promotions. Payment is required for the use of images on promotion flyers, brochures or press articles (after all the printers, venues, and sound people all get paid for their efforts).

*Media. - This week I have had some good contacts - 3 magazines looking for images. Also an agency who are very positive which is nice and two promoters. A very interesting commission.

Feedback… ‘your photos are fantastic, you really caught the moment in those pictures’ 

'you used the light exceptionally well, full of life and really catch the spirit of the festival! You have a wonderfully observing and imaginative eye. Great stuff' < ‘

what I find with your photos is that they somehow bring something extra out of the images.. yours have a star quality about them which makes them stand out from the crowd.’



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