Thursday, 26 March 2015

Photography and Writing March 2015

I am still challenged by photography and I enjoy it a great deal. I am also keen to develop my writing. 

While I love art, I love writing equally as much. It is odd finishing working on a book. It seems like it may have nearly reached a point it is ready to be let go - while it is sad as it becomes part of who you are and sometimes new ideas keep coming and so it never feels really finished...?   

*MUSIC this year at Celtic Connections 2015
Celtic Connections folk festival was better than ever and I attended some incredible concerts this year –
The awesome Opening Concert Nae Regrets - We were treated to an outstanding opening concert!  Highly innovative. Multi-talented, multi-layered orchestra. Put a smile on my face -The Martin Bennett epic one off opening concert conducted by Greg Lawson, 
The Craig Armstrong concert of his film music with full orchestra was incredible - he wrote music for Romeo and Juliet and the Great Gatsby and more. The Punch Brothers were delightful with their high tempo banjos, quality acapella vocal harmonies. The concert for the life-affirming songs of folk revivalist Ewan MacColl, with Martin Carthy, Jarvis Cocker and Paul Buchanan. On top of all this it was a huge treat to hear live the powerhouse voice and music of legend Van Morrison. Mind-blowing. And not to forget the perfect concert with the Transatlantic band. 

I continue to take my camera everywhere and it is part of who I am..... 

I have revamped my photography website recently to include a Women Musicians gallery -

Organization is key perhaps!!?  

'There is no luck in photography - it is all timing, observation, experience and cunning.'  (Snowdon)